Sunday, March 2, 2014

Healthy Lunch - Friday 28th February 2014


Eggs were boiled and peeled by Ms Curtis and Mrs Johnson and then Mrs Gardner mashed them to "smitherine". Cheese was perfectly sliced by Mrs Pilmore-Evans. (no photos available due to shyness:)

Carrots grated, lettuce leaves separated,  tomatoes cut, and 25 loaves of bread buttered
We make a "grate" team - Shaun and Brooke

Lett uc ce  - what are we meant to be doing?

Chop chop - tomatoes are awaiting!!

Give us this day our daily bread and .........

more bread :(

Jordan - First the bread
Piata - next is egg and then Samuel has tomato

Georgia - cheese:0

Faith Bullen - is that you behind the lettuce?

What big eyes you have Gina W?

Caleb - and finally the top of your sandwich:)

 Coooookkkkieeeee - Teesha .
There was also apple, watermelon and grapes for the children 

Thank you to all the kind people who provided us with food - and a huge THANK YOU to Rooms 5,6,7and 8 for the preparing and serving of the healthy lunch. Very much appreciated!

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