Friday, March 28, 2014

The Hummingbird Balloon.

The Hummingbird Balloon came to Firth Primary School. Lots of children came to school at 7 am to watch the balloon go up. The Pilot came from America. The Hummingbird was  constructed in Brazil. 

                                   Breakfast for the balloon crew  - yum

                                             Kapa Haka Boys performing for our visitors
                                    Kiowa leading the Haka "ka mate, ka mate"
                        Our visitors from ASB and the balloon crew mesmerized in the Haka

Casey and Gabriel's name was chosen from the "Gotcha" box to win a necklace and badge.

                               Lots of visitors watching the "humming bird" inflate

                              Mrs Malligan and Mrs T.B having a ride - lucky ladies.

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